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This page contains files that have been created using the VGM-logging facility present within the Model B and B-Em emulators.

To play the files, you will need to obtain a copy of Winamp and then install the in-vgm v0.32 plug-in for Winamp.

VGMTool 2 r5 can be used to edit any VGM files that you create. For further information regarding editing VGM files, see


Acid Drops  (loader)
Bird Strike  (loader)
Clogger  (loader)

Clogger  (in-game)
Codename: DROID  (title)
Cookie  (loader)
Crazee Rider  (title)
Dare Devil Denis  (loader)

Donkey Kong Junior  (in-game)
Epic Adventures 1 to 4  (loader)
Estra  (loader)

Fat Man Sam  (loader)
Firetrack  (loader)

Firetrack  (in-game)
Frak  (level 1)

Frak  (level 2)
Frak  (level 3)
Galaforce  (title)
Galaforce 2  (title)
Galaforce 2  (high score)

Gold Digger  (loader)
Granny's Garden  
NEW!  31-Oct-2005
Microcosm  (loader)
Mr Freeze  (loader)
Pipeline  (in-game)
Ravenskull  (in-game)
Repton  (in-game)
Repton 2  (in-game)
Repton 3  (in-game)
Repton Infinity  (in-game)
Strykers Run  (title)
The Hacker  (loader)
The Lost Crystal  (loader)
Way of the Exploding Fist  (in-game)
Who Dares Win II  (loader)

XLCR  (title)
XLCR  (in-game)
Xor  (in-game)
Yoyo  (loader)

Yoyo  (in-game)
Zany Kong Junior  (in-game)
Zenon  (title)

Ziggy  (in-game)


Arcadians  (game start)
Chuckie Egg  (life lost)
Codename: DROID  (game over)

Donkey Kong Junior  (loader)
Donkey Kong Junior  (level complete)

Epic Adventures 1 to 4  (jingle)
Frak  (life lost)
Galaforce  (new life)
Galaforce  (next level)

Galaforce  (life lost)
Galaforce  (game over)
Galaforce 2  (new life)

Galaforce 2  (life lost)
Galaforce 2  (game over)
Ghouls  (life lost)
Ghouls  (level complete)
Ghouls  (next level)
Ghouls  (high score)
Killer Gorilla  (title)

Killer Gorilla  (game start)
Killer Gorilla  (level start)
Invaders  (high score)
Repton  (game start)
Repton 3  (game start)
Wizadore  (game start)

Yie Ar Kung Fu 2  (level start)
Yie Ar Kung Fu 2  (game over)
Zalaga  (game start)
Zany Kong Junior  (game start)


Ghostbusters  (D Hankinson)  NEW!  31-Oct-2005
Tubular Bells  (Nigel Scott)  NEW!  31-Oct-2005