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Oh dear - the Electron only had one sound channel. Though you could create some interesting sounds with the ENVELOPE command [see the Intro mp3], the sound effects in the majority of Elk games were generally restricted to blips and beeps and scant few titles featured any loading, title or background music at all. But having just acquired a modified Electron with audio out socket, I couldn't resist sampling a few toons to make up for the lack of Electron melodies on this page. So here goes ...

Arcadians  47k  ok, but the in-game fx were horrendous!
Circus Games (digitized)  224k  diabolical!
Danger UXB  66k  abysmal!
Galaforce  477k  alright!
Intro  338k  nostalgic!
Mr Wiz  243k  not good!
Psycastria 483k  not bad!
Psycastria - reversed!  483k  interesting!
Syncron  365k  appalling!
Zalaga  32k  short but sweet!

Update 10-Sep-2006:
Xor  1.97Mb  captured via the MESS emulator