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  SIDs & MIDIs

This is the C64 version of the Repton 3 music in .SID format, this is what it sounds like in midi format, this is a midi version of the original Repton 1 music and this is a nice midi of Cold Tea (and here it is remixed!).

Other SIDs that may be of interest to those of a Beeb persuasion: Boulderdash, Bubble Bobble, Confuzion, Daley Thompson's Decathlon (actually the music to Strykers Run), Dr Who & The Mines of Terror, Jet Power Jack (Cold Tea), Psycastria (check out the sampled speech!), Sabre Wulf, Spy vs Spy, Uridium, Way of the Exploding Fist.

N.B. Use sidplay2/w to listen to .sid files under Windows (check the homepage for the latest version).

Update 13/12/04 - more SID recommendations from Warren Pilkinton:
Firetrack, Bonecruncher, Estra, Jet-Boot Jack, Loopz, Mr Freeze, Summer Olympiad and Roland's Rat Race (subtune 4 is actually the same theme used on the Stryker's Run high-score table).

I also converted the Firetrack .sid to midi format - check it out here.

Update 23/10/05 - The following midi's were converted from BBC Micro VGM files using
Bird Strike (loader), Crazee Rider (title), Dare Devil Denis (loader), Estra (loader), Frak (level 1), Frak (level 2), Frak (level 3), Frak (life lost), Galaforce (next level), Galaforce (game over), Galaforce 2 (title), Galaforce 2 (new life), Galaforce 2 (life lost), Galaforce 2 (game over), Galaforce 2 (high score) & Strykers Run (title).


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