FS Manager for Windows  (formerly DFS Manager)


I wrote some DFS routines (for the PC) which might come in handy for other projects I'm thinking about and as an offshoot, I quickly cobbled together an application that uses them to read BBC Micro disk images on a PC.

At present DFSExplorer by Jon Welch does so much more so much better. The main difference between Jon's and mine is that this uses an MDI interface (where you can have lots of child windows within your application - like excel etc.). Some people may or may not prefer this approach.

If people like the feel of the app and would like me to add in more functionality then I will do so. Rememeber this has had little testing so you may get the odd bug or two. To submit feedback, either leave a message in the appropriate thread on the Stairway to Hell forum or email me at navalenigma AT hotmail.com


Date: 23-May-2011
Filename: FSManager-v0.5.0.zip
Filesize: 511k
Release Notes:


  • Right click pop up menu added with load and save options (which will hopefully make it work under Wine)
  • Multiple files can be saved and loaded.

Date: 30-Apr-2008
Filename: FSManager-v0.4.2.zip
Filesize: 889k
Release Notes:


  • Updated to generate disk images compatible with XFER5/ DFS Explorer transfer facilities.

Known Issues:

  • Will not handle interleaved disk images correctly (L disks).

Date: 30-Oct-2007
Filename: FSManager-v0.4.1.zip
Filesize: 890k
Release Notes:


  • ADFS disks can now be opened/create/edited (both M and L sizes)
  • Renamed from DFS Manager to FS Manager to reflect the multiple file systems it can handle
  • User guide updated
  • Some very minor bug fixes/alterations.

Date: 17-May-2006
Filename: DFSManager-v0.3.zip
Filesize: 773k
Release Notes:


  • File names, Directories, Load and Exec Addresses can be edited in place
    -- in the same way as the windows filer, i.e. click once to highlight, click again to edit;
    -- DFS limitations are imposed on the above edits.
  • Multiple window views of the same DFS disk supported
  • Disk Title and Boot Option can now be set via a disk properties button
  • File Inspector - allows examination of file contents. Current features;
    -- Hex Editor, all the usual features of a Hex editor
    -- Multiple windows of various files or of the same file
  • DFS and File Inspector windows are now given entries on the windows menu to aid quick access
  • Supplied packaged in a windows installer
  • User guide.

Date: 31-Mar-2006
Filename: DFSManager-v0.2.1.zip
Filesize: 369k
Release Notes:


  • Drag and Drop to/from windows filer
  • Files can be locked and unlocked
  • File compatible with DFS Explorer by Jon Welch
    • Files can be dragged freely between the two programs
    • Files transferred to the PC can be read back by either program
  • Will now handle copying files to/from directories other than $ correctly
  • Will now obey locking rules, files marked as locked cannot be deleted or overwritten unless unlocked
  • Deleting last file on disk will immediately disable the "Select All option". Before it would allow menu item to be selected
  • About screen added
  • New Icon created.

Date: 3-Mar-2006
Filename: DFSManager-v0.1.zip
Filesize: 321k
Release Notes:

Bugs in intial release fixed. This is now the first official version.


  • File open and save dialogs now have .ssd filters and default save extension
  • You can now select multiple files by using shift and CTRL (same as in Windows Explorer)
  • Set hot keys for certain actions, i.e. select all, moving up and down the list
  • Filer windows shrunk down by re-wording column titles
  • Two status bars showing various bits of disk info.
  • One or two status bars can be shown.

Date: 22-Feb-2006
Filename: DFSManager-initialrelease.zip
Filesize: 318k
Release Notes: At present it allows you to view the contents of SSD files, delete entries and copy entries to other DFS windows within the application. I've only tested it with 200K single sided disks (.ssd) and I think it should handle 100K OK but it definitely won't handle double sided disks (.dsd) correctly.